Always having as our aim the prevention of conflicts in the best interests of our clients, we provide advice regarding the clients’ everyday operation, with a view to identifying possible sources for generating controversy and risk, thus offering safe and effective measures for their solution.


General tax advice related to federal, state and municipal taxes. Plus there is the daily accompaniment, preparation of legal opinions and counsel. We present a preventive analysis, a development of tax structures and preparation of contingency plans.


With a consulting service focused on applying labor law legislation to the more modern practices of Human Resources. A diagnosis is provided of problems inside the corporation, decreasing risk and reducing both the labor costs of personnel and taxes resulting from the payroll.


Consulting and judicial services for companies within the Act 11.101/2005, in order to provide the customer all the legal, financial and administrative tools and mechanisms necessary for the scheduling and organization of liabilities, as well as restructuring its manufacturing operations and/or business, thus enabling them to overcome their economic and financial crisis.


Practice in the various different forms of contracts, typical and atypical. In this context, we offer advice on the preparation and formalization of contracts involving goods or services, through the adoption of business strategies to the legal standards that apply in the case