Always having as our aim the prevention of conflicts in the best interests of our clients, we provide advice regarding the clients’ everyday operation, with a view to identifying possible sources for generating controversy and risk, thus offering safe and effective measures for their solution. In the litigation area, we work with liability for damage and property, bankruptcy and judicial recovery, corporate disputes, debt collection and executions of extrajudicial titles (private binding documentation), leasing, accounting, injunctions, special procedures and arbitration.


Advice related to consumer rights in various aspects such as warranties, technical support, call centers and responsibilities affecting consumer relations, as well as conducting litigation before consumer protection agencies and courts.


Advice on the nuptial arrangement in order to ensure a stable union, with an indication of the marital regime (marriage contract) more suitable to the interests of the client, as well as issues of the dissolution of the marriage or relationship, such as custody of children, child support and division assets in the judicial and extrajudicial areas.

Probate involving its extrajudicial and judicial areas, as well as custody, guardianship of the mentally incapacitated and protection of interests of those considered incapacitated.


We offer assistance in real estate transactions through the development of specific services and an analysis and an accompaniment of the exchange of deeds at the registry office concerned, in various methods of legal transactions such as purchase, lease, donation, in lieu payment, amongst others.